What are the benefits of Glory League?

Glory League is a fully automated cost-effective video engagement system for amateur basketball. It makes everyday players feel like NBA superstars with professional quality full game video, personal highlight reels and stats.

Attract and retain players

The competition to attract and retain participants in sport has never been greater. Glory League offers a product that helps basketball associations address these issues.

Glory League elevates basketball to a higher level by providing out- of-game experiences through videos and game highlights. This is a unique experience that no other sport offers.

It enables basketball associations to develop a wider and more engaged audience by increasing awareness of basketball competitions and other opportunities available through social media sharing and other promotional channels.

“The next day we often enjoy watching videos of ourselves and of our teammates. The sharing option allows people to choose the best parts of the game and share it with our mates. Basically, it means we can celebrate victories or great plays as many times as we like. As a player manager, the addition of Glory League to our league has allowed me to promote my team and as a result I have very little trouble attracting players. This was not the case two years ago. I have never seen something like this before.“
Jessy McBride
Social League Player and Team Manager

Family & Community Engagement

Family members and supporters anywhere in the world can view and share in the basketball experience.

This is truly valuable for those who can’t be at the game or want to relive these moments again and again.

“I received the video link from my daughter’s basketball coordinator at Ponsonby Intermediate. What an amazing initiative. I understand that this will give the coaches good insight to their team etc but for supporters and family that can't make all the games due to work commitments it is wonderful! Well done! This is exciting innovative technology you have implemented and you should be congratulated. “
Anthea Poihipi

Reduced Admin & Safer Leagues

  • Eliminating paper scoresheets
  • Automatically emailing scores and stats to administrators
  • Freeing up staff time to focus on important business functions
  • Fewer on-court incidents occur when players, coaches and fans are aware that their games and actions are being filmed
  • Player incidents are quickly addressed by referring to Glory League videos
The biggest improvement I’ve noticed since installing Glory League however has got to be around behaviours. Prior to Glory League’s integration, there was some very poor on and off-court behaviour at our association. That's disappeared with Glory League.
Kerri Savidge
Executive Officer, Darwin Basketball

Player and coaching development

Players and coaches use videos and stats to assist their development.

They review game footage, tag important moments, leave comments in video for reference and analyse areas for improvement.

Highlight reels and full game footage can be downloaded to build personal libraries and video packages that can be sent to scouts and coaches.

“I use Glory League for several teams that I play for. It’s really fun and easy to get in and tag my stats. It lets me track my stats against my mates and see where I sit on the leader board. I use it to look at my videos and see what part of my game I need to work on. It also lets me create highlights and post to Facebook. Glory League rocks. “
Year 11, Westlake Boys High School

Referee Development

Referees can utilise Glory League to review and analyse their officiating.

Referees use Glory League for their professional development and to enhance their ability to call games. This has benefited the quality of basketball competitions.

“There are many ways to improve your performance as a referee and video analysis is one of the most valuable tools available.

Glory League is an amazingly easy tool for a referee to use to take a critical look at their game and analyse their own performance, then make adjustments to improve just like players do.

Referee coaches also love Glory League for its ease of use and as a great tool for giving coaching tips to the referees they’re coaching.

I wish it was around it the beginning of my career as it would have made things so much easier than chasing VHS tapes and then slowly fast forwarding and rewinding to watch plays.

I highly recommend it for all up and coming referees! “

Dallas Pickering
FIBA International Referee

Generate Advertising Revenue

Glory League’s virtual advertiser technology provides opportunities for associations to attract advertisers and generate new income streams.

A range of advertising options are available including digitally inserted advertising banners, logo placements, pre-roll videos and email marketing.

Glory League works with our partners to establish beneficial and effective advertising partnerships.

“ We were able to sign-up McDonalds as an advertising partner with Glory League assisting us with sales and marketing materials. We are now working to bring on two more advertising partners with the longer-term aspiration that advertising revenue will completely cover our player costs. “

James Lissaman
Operations Manager, Canterbury Basketball