Privacy Policy

Glory League has a multi-faceted approach with regards to privacy. This includes waivers, privacy controls, system defaults, league presets, customer education and onboarding assistance.

Privacy Requirements

The Glory League platform allows Glory League-enabled associations and governing bodies to make game video footage available to their participating players, coaches, parents and supporters.

Basketball associations introducing Glory League are provided with privacy and content ownership waivers to add to their existing terms and conditions of participation.

The Glory League privacy waiver must be accepted by all players prior to taking to the court. The mechanism for collecting waivers is handled by part of a two-step approach, as follows:

As part of the association's pre-player registration process, the terms and conditions are circulated by the association to their member community. The players must accept the terms and conditions of the association to participate or attend games at the facility.

The first time that players check in on the Scorekeeper scoring application, if they have not accepted the terms and conditions, they are required to do so before taking the court.

Note: In Australia, when using the Courtside or other third party scoring app, waivers are only collected during player registration.

Glory League features that enhance user privacy and safety

Glory League has many systems and features that support privacy and safety, including:

A 2-step waiver system, as previously described

Team and game privacy settings - only participants associated with a team or game have access to the full game video content as distributed by Glory League. An example: unless someone is involved in a game they cannot watch a game video.

Current video footage does not allow recognition of players with a high level of accuracy

Removal or amendment of names - there is an option to remove a player's name from the game record or amend the name to just include their initials

Basketball Associations can administer different levels of rules for their leagues:

Turn off Social Media and Downloading

Blacklisting individuals – this means no games featuring a blacklisted player will be recorded

Custom support for unique situations - Glory League can adapt and implement new measures faced by associations if required

Users can unsubscribe and permanently delete their data by emailing


Glory League accesses Facebook Pages to publish live video streams that are requested by a user with permission to manage the Page. Glory League reads basic profile information (eg: email) and the list of Facebook Pages you have permission to manage.

Glory League's access to your Facebook account can be removed by clicking Logout of Facebook on your My Account page on the Glory League website.

Legal Precautions

Glory League adheres to all legal precautions to be taken when photographing or filming children.

Legal Requirement Glory League Protocol
Assess and endeavor to comply with local traditions or restrictions for reproducing personal images before photographing or filming a child. All participating associations must collect completed waiver information from all players (which makes clear how the platform works) as part of their Glory League registration process.
Obtain informed consent from the child and parent or guardian of the child before photographing or filming a child. As part of this one must explain how the photograph or film will be used. As above, participating associations must collect completed waiver information from all players as part of their Glory League registration process. The waiver makes clear how captured footage may be used.
Ensure photographs, films, videos and DVDs present children in a dignified and respectful manner and not in a vulnerable or submissive manner. Children should be adequately clothed and not in poses that could be seen as sexually suggestive.

The Glory League technology captures wide shots of the court action, rather than focusing on individuals.

Care is taken to ensure that all video content is of a professional standard and filming techniques are representative of basketball camerawork at only the highest levels.

All players will be appropriately clothed as required by their basketball association.

Ensure images are honest representations of the context and the facts. Images captured by Glory League are always honest representations of the context and facts.
Ensure file labels, meta data or text descriptions do not reveal identifying information about a child when sending electronically or publishing images in any form. The Glory League platform allows league managers to customise privacy settings for any given league. Managers can choose, for example, to replace player names with initials only, or remove a player's details completely.
Understand that the onus is on him/her to use common sense and avoid actions or behaviours that could be construed as child exploitation or abuse. User privacy and safety are of utmost importance to Glory League who have installed multi-faceted privacy and safety features into the Glory League platform and user terms. All participating associations must adhere to these terms and use the platform responsibly.